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Welcome to 162 Eighth Street, Troy, NY. This residence no longer exists because our greedy landlord at the time didnít like repairs, thought it was probably a slum and in any case, allowed it to get so rundown that eventually it had to be torn down. When you look at the exterior of this house, you can see his shortsightedness: it was a Victorian house built around 1890 and it had lovely details around the roof, some arched windows, and a big front porch with columns. What you donít see are some of the huge rooms inside plus the oak floors, marble countertops, a grand staircase, high ceilings, pocket doors, a carved Victorian organ that you pumped with your feet, an ornate Victorian hall mirror, a bathroom on the second floor that was painted by one of our residents to look like an American flag, a roof porch, a huge eat- in kitchen and our music library.

It was a shame to see such a gem go, but the residents who lived there in the mid seventies are still alive and well and this website was created about and for them.

It was rumored that the house was originally built for a wealthy black man and his white wife. No one knows what happened to it afterwards until the early seventies when Marvin discovered it (more or less) and invited the rest of us to move in. And we did.

Some of us at the time were RPI students, some of us were RPI alumni and some of us werenít associated with RPI at all. We had communal meals most evenings, a vegetable garden in the back yard, a huge library of recordings and a lot of talent to go around. We were TV-less and preferred it that way. We also had a string of visitors. Our most notorious visitor was Reed and even though he never officially lived with us, he visited or called nearly every day. He also gave us advice and a helping hand on our cars and our projects, took us on adventures and wild goose chases, and in general, helped to create an off-the-wall atmosphere to the whole experience.

About 25 years after we all went our separate ways we decided to try annual reunions.

Our first was in 2002. Residents in attendance were Dave R, Dave L, Bonnie, Marvin, Cynthia, Les, Lise and Reed. Some spouses (or "significant others") also came.

Our second reunion was in 2003. Residents in attendance were Dave L, Bonnie, Marvin, Cynthia, Les, Lise, John C, and Reed.

Stay tuned for more reunions and more pictures. Enjoy!

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