First Reunion Index

  1. Shaker Mill Inn
    1. Shaker Mill Inn
    2. Mary Beth By Flowers And Sign
    3. Les By Millstone And Pumpkin
    4. View From Entrance
    5. View Of Gorge
  2. Solos
    1. David L With Camera
    2. Dell With Two Cups
    3. Les With Smile
    4. Dave R With Thoughts
  3. Conversations
    1. Jane And Reed Mouths Agog
    2. Jane, Reed, and Cynthia
    3. Reed, Marvin, Bonnie and Dave R.
    4. Marvin on Bonnie's Shoulder
    5. Bonnie, Dave R, and Marvin
    6. Dave R. and Bonnie
  4. Marv And Bonnie on Glider
    1. Looking Left
    2. Looking Back
    3. Looking Out
  5. Bench Talk
    1. David L, Dave R, Cynthia, with Les Standing
    2. David L, Dave R, and Cynthia
    3. David L, Dave R, Cynthia, and Louise
  6. Outside Group Photos
    1. Group Outside
    2. Group Outside With Jane Leaning
    3. Group Outside With Mary Beth and Elizabeth